Automated Incident Investigation

Hoistr helps you resolve incidents up-to 10x faster than manual methods by using a domain-specific causal inference engine, deep learning techniques and integrations with your codebase and infrastructure.

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Use Cases

Decipher Observability Data

Understand what a log or metric means.

Root Cause Analysis

Analyze your apps and infrastructure to pinpoint what triggered an incident.


Recommends steps to resolve an incident based on the Root Cause Analysis, your system architecture and industry best-practices.


Understand what you can do to prevent such incidents going forward.


Instantaneous Investigation

Automatically investigates production issues up-to 10x faster than manual investigations saving your team precious engineering hours every day.

Full-stack investigations

Investigates issues with both the application and infra layers to quickly pinpoint the root cause.


Deploys completely on your cloud (including our ML models!). No data leaves your network without your explicit permission.


Hoistr natively integrates with popular tech stacks and cloud providers

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About us

We are software engineers who have worked in Silicon Valley and Toronto for over a decade in companies like Uber, Adobe, Oracle, Autonomic amongst others. Regardless of where we worked, going on-call has always been a painful experience and we are passionate about improving it.

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We are proud to announce that Hoistr has been accepted into the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) program. CDL provides access to technical and business experts as advisors.

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